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Prior to her first public concert, Carreño gave a private concert at the Hotel Inglaterra to a group of distinguished guests. Her first public appearance took place immediately after Holy Week on April 8, 1863.

On March 25, 1863 Carreño arrived in Havana, Cuba with her parents. The following day she gave a private concert in the Cerro district of Havana. She performed works by Chopin and her several of her own (unidentified) compositions.

Carreño gave a concert in the salon of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moulton in Paris, France. She performed Miserere du Trovatore, op. 52 (Gottschalk, Louis Moreau) and the Grand March from Wagner's Tannheuser. Several other musicians performed, including,…

Carreño performed for an audience of foreign ministers and members of Congress at the home of Secretary Chase in Washington, D.C.

Carreño received an invitation from President Lincoln to perform at the White House. According to an interview she gave in 1911, she performed Marche de Nuit, Last Hope, Dying Poet (Gottschalk, Louis M.), and Listen to the Mocking Bird (Winner,…

Carreño performed for a private audience at Chickering Hall.   

Carreño performed in a private benefit concert with several other artists for the benefit of destitute children of seamen at the home of Mrs. A. Woodruff Brown (no. 3, Great Jones Street). Concert began at 8 pm. Cost of tickets was $10. Chickering…

On Friday, November 7, 1862, Lafayette F. Harrison organized a private concert in Irving Hall, in which Carreño appeared with Theodore Thomas as the assisting artist. At this concert, she performed the following works: Souvenir d'Il Trovatore de…
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