Documenting Teresa Carreño

Chickering Hall (January 28, 1863)


Carreño performed for a private audience at Chickering Hall. 



AnnouncementBoston Evening Transcript, 26 January 1863, 2.


Boston Evening Transcript, January 26, 1863.

We are pleased to learn that a number of the friends and admirers of little Teresa have invited her to give a private exhibition of her extraordinary skill as a pianist at Chickering's Hall on Wednesday evening next. She has accepted this invitation and a choice programme will be selected for the occasion. Nearly all the tickets have been taken, and a few are left with Mr. Harwood at Chickering's Rooms, where they can be had by those not personally acquainted with the gentlemen by whom this testimonial has been suggested. As this will be the last opportunity for hearing this wonderful musical genius in private or in a small hall, an early application must be made for tickets. From the character of those interested in this entertainment it is safe to infer that the occasion will be one of musical interest.


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