Documenting Teresa Carreño

Private Benefit Concert (December 18, 1862)


Carreño performed in a private benefit concert with several other artists for the benefit of destitute children of seamen at the home of Mrs. A. Woodruff Brown (no. 3, Great Jones Street). Concert began at 8 pm. Cost of tickets was $10. Chickering provided two grand action pianos.


Announcement: New York Daily Tribune, 19 December 1862, 2.


Kijas, Anna


New York Daily Tribune, December 19, 1862.

Mrs. A. Woodruff Brown, of No. 3 Great Jones Street, will give, at her residence, on December 18, 1862, at 8 o'clock, a charitable concert for the benefit of the destitute children of seamen. The children of this Institution are entirely supported by charity, and at this time, above all others, the Institution is greatly in need of funds. The concert will be under the management of signor Manzocchi, who has kindly volunteered his services for the occassion, as well as several of his pupils, whose names will be given in the programme of the evening. The following ladies and gentlemen have also kindly volunteered their services on the occasion: Misses M. Bodenhauer [?], Teresa Carreno, Annie Coles, Adelaide Bayl[?], G. Foster; Messrs. H. Sanderson, Thomas, Castle, Berti, Sc[?]maisser, Sig. Abella. Messrs. Chickering have kindly offered the use of two of their grand action pianos for the occasion. Tickets will be sent by mail to any person who may desire them, or who may wish to assist the enterprise. The subscriber will be glad to receive $10 from any of his friends who may be unable to attend the concert, or from those who are interested in the children of seamen, as the children of the Institution are in great need at this time. Tickets $10. 


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