Documenting Teresa Carreño

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Project Lead

Anna E. Kijas is Head, Lilly Music Library at Tufts University. Her academic training includes master's degrees in library and information science from Simmons College, music with a concentration in musicology from Tufts University, as well as a bachelor of arts in music literature and performance from Northeastern University.

Her main areas of research include music criticism and reception studies of women musicians during the 19th through early 20th centuries. Her interests also include exploring and applying digital humanities tools or methods to research in music and history, and investigating platforms for open access research and publishing.


These persons have shared information about performances, source material, or created entries for this project.

  • Samantha Bulgerin
  • Alejandro Reyes Lucero
  • Andreas Szabo

This project is hosted by Reclaim Hosting. It was previously hosted and supported by the University of Connecticut Libraries ITS. A number of colleagues have provided valuable feedback during the evolution of this project, especially Michael Howser (MAGIC, UCL), Jennifer Eustis (UCL), Dave Hicking (UCL ITS), Nicholas Eshelman (UCL ITS), Karen Bourrier (University of Calgary).