Documenting Teresa Carreño

Moulton Salon (April 29, 1869)


Carreño gave a concert in the salon of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moulton in Paris, France. She performed Miserere du Trovatore, op. 52 (Gottschalk, Louis Moreau) and the Grand March from Wagner's Tannheuser. Several other musicians performed, including, Mlle. Enquist, a Swedish singer, and Mrs. Charles Moulton. 



Review: Harper's Bazaar, 15 May 1869, 310.


Kijas, Anna


Harper's Bazaar, May 15, 1869.

On the 29th of last month the "cream of our Parisian society," as Frenchman say, met to enjoy a real musical treat in the salons of Mr. and Mrs. Ch. Moulton, who had kindly placed their residence at the disposal of the Duchesse de Doudeauville for a charitable purpose. Miss Carreno (an American pianiste, notwithstanding her foreign name) performed, with an admirable finish and energy, the Miserere of Verdi's Trovatore, and the famous march of Wagner's Tannhauser, Mlle. Enquist, a Swedish singer just returned from London, warbled several national airs with great success. But I shall not attempt to describe the effect produced by Mrs. Moulton, who sang several of her husband's compositions, and called forth bursts of applause, which Mlle. Patti herself might have envied.



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