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Carreño appeared at the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She performed Pianoconcert nr. 2 in E gr.t., op. 12 (d’Albert, Eugen) with the Royal Concertgebouw conducted by Eugen d'Albert. The concert began at 8 pm.

Carreño appeared at the Gebouw voor Kunsten en Wetenschappen in The Hague, Netherlands under the auspices of the Diligentia. She performed Pianoconcert nr. 2 in E gr.t., op. 12 (d’Albert, Eugen), and Polonaise brillante, voor piano en orkest (Weber,…

Carreño performed in a recital for two pianos with her husband, Eugen d'Albert at the Singakademie. They performed a Sonata for Two Keyboards, W.A 21 (Bach, J.C.), d'Albert taking first piano, followed by d'Albert performing Piano Sonata no. 23, op.…

Carreño performed with the Berlin Philharmonic in the sixth Philharmonisches Concert under conductor Felix Mottl who replaced Hans von Bülow that evening. She performed Piano Concerto no. 2, op. 12 in E Major (D'Albert, Eugen). The concert began at…
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