Documenting Teresa Carreño

Saal der Singakademie (February 8, 1894)


Carreño performed in a recital for two pianos with her husband, Eugen d'Albert at the Singakademie. They performed a Sonata for Two Keyboards, W.A 21 (Bach, J.C.), d'Albert taking first piano, followed by d'Albert performing Piano Sonata no. 23, op. 57 "Appassionata" (Beethoven, Ludwig van). Carreño played several pieces by Chopin, followed by Variations in E flat minor (Sinding, Christian), and Concerto Pathétique, S. 258 for two pianos (Liszt, Franz). For an encore, d'Albert played Nocturne, op. 9 in B flat minor (Chopin, Fryderyk).


Review: The Musical Standard, 17 February 1894, 152.


Kijas, Anna


The Musical Standard, February 17, 1894.

Such a concert as that of Thursday, the 8th inst., in the Philharmonic is seldom heard even on the continent. When two such artists as Herr Eugen d'Albert and his wife, Frau Teresa d'Albert-Carreno appear together a most enjoyable concert is the result. Their recital began with a Bach sonata for two pianos (Herr d'Albert taking first piano), after that Herr d'Albert playing Beethoven's Appassionata in a manner seldom heard, our modern pianists preferring mere pianistic effects. The storm of applause which followed the performance must have gratified the pianist. Frau Carreno played some Chopin numbers in her inimitable manner. The Singing "variationen" were a decided novelty, and although the theme is somewhat trivial the working out is simply grand. These variations are as yet unpublished. Herr d'Albert played as encore Chopin's B minor Nocturne, but he was tired after the heavy work in the Liszt concerto for two pianos, of which Frau Carreno played first piano.



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