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Carreño appeared in the third of Gilmore's Grand Sacred Concerts on Sunday evening at 7:30 pm with Mme. Bishop. Tickets cost $0.50.

Carreño performed at Howard Hall in Providence, Rhode Island. She was assisted by Miss Matilda Phillipps, vocalist, and Mr. Charles Elliott, violinist. Carreño performed Fantasia on Rossini's "Moses," op. 33 (Thalberg, Sigismond), Caprice sur…

Carreño performed in P.S. Gilmore's Grand Sacred Concert at Boston Music Hall with Mme. Anna Bishop. She was to perform Fantasia on Rossini's "Moses," op. 33 (Thalberg, Sigismond) and Jerusalem (Gottschalk, Louis M.) Cost of tickets was $.50.
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