Documenting Teresa Carreño

Boston Music Hall (January 18, 1863)


Carreño appeared in the third of Gilmore's Grand Sacred Concerts on Sunday evening at 7:30 pm with Mme. Bishop. Tickets cost $0.50.


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Boston Daily Advertiser, January 14, 1863 and January 16, 1863.

Bishop!!! Carreno!!! Boston Music Hall. Three Grand Concerts, under the management of P. S. Gilmore. Carreno!! Bishop!! Grand Matinee Musicale, Saturday Afternoon, Jan. 17, commencing at 3. Teresa Carreno, Mad. Anna Bishop, and all the principle artists. Saturday Evening, January 17, Mad. Anna Bishop, Teresa Carreno, Grand Orchestra of Fifty Performers. Jullien’s Great Exhibition Quadrille Golden Robin Polka.

Sunday Evening, Jan 18, Grand Sacred Concert. Positively the Last!
Mad. Anna Bishop, Teresa Carreno, Fr. Rudolphsen.
Selections from Stabat Mater, Prayer from Moses in Egypt.
Tickets 50 cents, with reserved seats for sale at Ditson & Co's Music Store.

Boston Evening Transcript, January 19, 1863.

Gilmore's Musical Enterprise. The three concerts given at the Music Hall on Saturday afternoon and evening and Sunday evening, under Mr. Gilmore's auspices and direction, were largely successful, and furnished varied and attractive entertainments for crowded audiences. Mr. Gilmore faithfully fulfilled the letter and spirit of his design and promise both in the matter and performance, and three successive musical occasions of such magnitude and interest have rarely been more fortunately conceived and carried out.

Mr. Gilmore is doing a good work; and independent of his keen appreciation of the desire of the public in engaging such superior talent as Madame Bishop and the little wonder, Teresa Carreño, by the aid of the large and effective orchestra that he has gathered about him, is popularizing much good instrumental music to the ear and apprehension of the masses.


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