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Carreño performed a farewell concert at Boston Music Hall with soloists: Addie S. Ryan, vocalist; Mr. August Suck, violinist; Mr. Baumbach, accompanist. Orchestra was conducted by Carl Zerrahn and the concert was under the management of George…

Carreño gave a gala matinee concert for the children of Boston at the request of the mayor, F. W. Lincoln, Jr. She performed Nuits d'Espagne, op. 40, E minor (Godefroid, Félix), Last Hope (Gottschalk, Louis M.), Variations on "Home! Sweet…

Carreño performed Capriccio Brillant, op. 22 (Mendelssohn, Felix), Fantasia on Verdi's "I due Foscari" (Rossellen, Henri), and Fantasia on Donizetti's "Lucia di Lammermoor," op. 8 (Prudent, Émile) in the Second Philharmonic Concert with…
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