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Carreño's gave a farewell concert in Washington, D.C with supporting artists, Annie Mixsell and J. Farley. Reserved seats were priced at $1; regular admission, $0.50. Concert began at 8:30 pm.

Carreño gave her third and Farewell Concert at the Musical Fund Hall. Several artists also appeared on the program, including Annie Mixsell, J. Farley, Mr. Draper, and F. J. Mittler. Tickets cost $0.50. A Steinway piano was used.

Carreño performed her First Grand Concert at the New Assembly Rooms in Baltimore, Maryland. Other artists included Jenny Kempton, Annie Mixsell, J. Farley, H. Draper, and G. C. Bergen. Tickets cost $1.

Carreño performed at Dodworth Hall with several artists, including Fanny Kempton and Annie Mixsell. Tickets cost $0.50.
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