Documenting Teresa Carreño

Odd Fellows' Hall (May 21, 1864)


Carreño's gave a farewell concert in Washington, D.C with supporting artists, Annie Mixsell and J. Farley. Reserved seats were priced at $1; regular admission, $0.50. Concert began at 8:30 pm.


Advertisement and Announcement: Daily National Intelligencer, 21 May 1864, 3.


Daily National Intelligencer, May 21, 1864.

The Concert To-night. La Petite Carreno.--Prodigies are always looked on with more or less skeptical eyes, and it was evident that the skeptics were not to be disarmed even by the little one’s charming “entree.” But when her tiny fingers swept up and down the keys with the strength, the tones, the finish of a master hand, skepticism melted away like hoar-frost before the sun; and those who had studied music and its interpreters “con amore” asked of memory in vain to find out this child’s peer. Her manipulations are finished; her touch delicate, yet strong; her comprehension marvellous. In other respects her concerts afford a rich treat, and one rarely to be enjoyed. We have not Italian arias and scenes ad nauseam; but a most pleasing selection of Irish melody, Scotch ballad, and English song in each evening’s programme. “Eily Mavourneen,” sung by Mr. Farley with great power and sweetness, is a charming ballad that must soon be in every drawing-room. Madame Mixsell is always pleasing, and Mr. Draper contributes largely to each evening’s enjoyment. 


Daily National Intelligencer, May 21, 1864.

Teresa Carreno, begs to announce her third and farewell grant concert for Saturday Evening, May 21, at Odd Fellows’ Hall, Aided by her entire company of favorite artists. Tickets, with reserved seats, $1; admission tickets 50 cts. Concert at 8:30 pm.


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