Documenting Teresa Carreño

New Assembly Rooms (April 25, 1864)


Carreño performed her First Grand Concert at the New Assembly Rooms in Baltimore, Maryland. Other artists included Jenny Kempton, Annie Mixsell, J. Farley, H. Draper, and G. C. Bergen. Tickets cost $1.


Announcement: The Sun, 22 April 1864, 2.

Advertisement: The Sun, 23 April 1864, 3.


Kijas, Anna


The Sun, April 22, 1864.

Terese [sic] Carreno’s (The Child Pianist) First Grand Concert will take place at the New Assembly Rooms, on Monday Evening, April 25th, 1864, aided by her entire company of artists.

The Sun, April 23, 1864.

Teresa Carreno's First Grand Concert, at the New Assembly Rooms, on Monday Evening, April 25, 1864, aided by Madame Jenny Kempton, contralto; Madame Annie Mixsell, Prima Donna-Soprano; Mr. J. Farley, tenor; MR. H. Draper, Baritone; Mr. G. C. Bergen, Pianist-Accompagnateur. Tickets, with reserved seats, One Dollar; to be secured on Monday morning, 25 inst., at Miller & Beacham's, 10 North Charles St.


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