Documenting Teresa Carreño

Smith & Nixon's Hall (January 26-28, 1887)


Carreño appeared at Smith & Nixon's Hall in Cincinnati, Ohio. She performed Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven, Ludwig van), Prelude in B-flat; Nocturne in F major; Valse in A-flat (Chopin, Fryderyk), Romanza; Barcarolle (Rubinstein, Anton), Tarantelle (Rubinstein, Nikolai), Erzählung; Hexentanz (MacDowell, Edward), and Grande Polonaise in E Major (Liszt, Franz). Additional artists included Corinne Moore Lawson (voice). Ticket prices for a reserved seat were $1.00.


Review: Cincinnati Commercial Tribune, 28 January 1887, 8.
Concert Program: US-Wc, Edward and Marian MacDowell Collection, 1861–1960, ML31 .M198, box 35
Concert Program: VE-Ctc (28 January 1887 program)


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