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Carreño performed in an evening concert at the Simpson Auditorium in Los Angeles. She performed Piano Sonata op. 58 (Chopin, Fryderyk), Rondo op. 52, no. 2 (Beethoven, Ludwig van), "Vogel als Prophet" (Schumann, Robert), "Keltic" Sonata (MacDowell,…

Carreño appeared at Jordan Hall at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. She performed Sonata, op. 31, no. 3 (Beethoven, Ludwig van), Nocturne, op. 48, Étude, A-flat, Waltz, C-sharp Minor, Ballade, G Minor, op. 23 (Chopin,…

Carreño performed at New National Theater in Washington, D.C. during a Boston Symphony Orchestra concert. She performed Polonaise no. 2 in E Major (solo piano) (Liszt, Franz). Additional artists included C. M. Loeffler, violin.
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