Documenting Teresa Carreño

Town Hall (August 1, 3, and 4, 1883)


Carreño appeared at Mapleson's Grand Opera and Musical Festival at the Town Hall in Saratoga, NY in three concerts. On August 1 she performed a Polonaise (Liszt, Franz), Nocturne in D-flat; Valse in A-flat (Chopin, Fryderyk). On August 3 she performed Rhapsodie no. 6 (Liszt, Franz), Serenade (Moszkowsky, Moritz), Nachtfalter (Waltz) (Strauss, Johann, Jr. (arr. Tausig)). On August 4 she performed Andante and Finale from Sonate in C Major (Weber, Carl Maria von), Andantino from Moderne Suite, op. 10 (MacDowell, Edward), and Grande Valse in [E]-flat (Rubinstein, Anton). Additional artists included Emma Juch (voice), Rosalba Beecher (voice), Berta Ricci (voice), Signor Brignoli (voice), Signor Tagliapietra (voice), and Dr. T. D. Worden (voice).


Concert Program: US-Wc: Edward and Marian MacDowell Collection, 1861–1960. ML31 .M198, box 35


Kijas, Anna


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