Documenting Teresa Carreño

Weber Music Hall (March 8, 1884)


Carreño appeared at the Weber Music Hall in Chicago, Illinois where she gave the first United States performance of Edward MacDowell's Moderne Suite. In addition to this work she performed Sonata Appassionata, op. 57 (Beethoven, Ludwig van), Prelude in D-flat; Polonaise in C-sharp Minor; Tarantelle (Chopin, Fryderyk), Impromptu (Schubert, Franz), Zur Guitarre (Hiller, Ferdinand), Soiree de Vienne (Valse) (Schubert, Franz (arr. Liszt)), Prelude and Fugue (Mendelssohn, Felix), Des Abends (Schumann, Robert), Minuetto (Boccherini, Luigi (arr. Dulcken [sic])), and Etude (Rubinstein, Anton). Additional artists included Chas. A. Knorr (voice). The concert began at 2:30 pm. Carreño performed on a Weber piano.


Review: Chicago Daily Tribune, 9 March 1884, 17. (A general review of a series of concerts)
Concert Program: VE-Ctc


Kijas, Anna


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