Documenting Teresa Carreño

Lyceum Hall (January 9, 1863)


Carreño appeared in Salem, MA with Matilda Phillipps who performed on the same program as Carreño in several Boston concerts.


Advertisement: Salem Register, 5 January 1863, 2; 8 January 1863, 2.

ReviewSalem Register, 12 January 1863, 2.


Kijas, Anna


Salem Register, January 5, 1863.

Teresa Carreno, the wonderful child pianist, is to give a Concert in Salem on Friday evening next. Her performances have created a profound sensation in the highest musical circles and are said to be truly extraordinary. She will be aided by a sister of Adelaide Phillipps and other talent.

Salem Register, January 8, 1863.

Teresa Carreno. This wonderful little musical genius, who is to appear at the Lyceum Hall tomorrow evening, is thus spoken of by the Transcript, and other papers confirm the high opinion therein signified:--

We scarce know how to express ourselves regarding the wonderful exhibition of juvenile maturity which this little girl gave us last evening. The simple truth may seem to be hyperbole, and our most serious criticism appear extravagance. She is certainly the most astonishing musician we ever listened to. A little child of eight or nine years old sits herself up to the piano and performs, with the utmost self-possession and the most surprising beauty, music which is the chosen means of display for the really great pianists of the world. We do not know which to admire most, the wonderful mechanical skill, the astonishingly retentive memory, or the thoroughly mature artistic finish which this little girl exhibits.

There is nothing whatever of the parrot in her performances. Shut your eyes and you could not believe that the pianist before you were not a full grown and a most skillfully taught artist. With the simple exception of strength of touch--though this is remarkable for a child--it might be one of a dozen celebrities who has passed before us. We trust that the young lady--no! the little girl, for she is not a young lady!--will give another concert, for our musical people should all of them hear this prodigy, this wonder among pianists. 

Salem Register, January 12, 1863.

Teresa Carreno, the wonderful child pianist, fully confirmed the reputation which had preceded her. She delighted all present at her Concert on Friday evening, by her surprising skill, taste and expression, and is truly a prodigy. 


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