Documenting Teresa Carreño

New Assembly Rooms (May 7, 1864)


Carreño gave a matinee concert at the New Assembly Rooms. Regular tickets cost $0.50, children's tickets cost $0.25.


Announcement: The Sun, 2 May 1864, 2.


Kijas, Anna


The Sun, May 2, 1864.

The numerous friends and acquaintances of Teresa Carreno have much pleasure in announcing A Grand Complimentary Concert for her benefit at the New Assembly Rooms, on Friday evening, May 6th, 1864. And in order that the children of Baltimore may have an opportunity of hearing and witnessing the performance of Carreno, she will give a Matinee, at the above rooms, on Saturday, May 7th, at 2 o’clock. Tickets 50 cents; Children 25 cents only. Sale of Reserved seats will commence at McCaffrey’s Music Store, No. 205 Baltimore Street, on Tuesday morning.


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