Documenting Teresa Carreño

Platt's Music Hall (May 25, 1875)


Carreño appeared at Platt's Music Hall in San Francisco, California with the Ilma de Murska Troupe. She performed "The Last Rose of Summer" (unknown) and Rondo Capricioso (Mendelssohn, Felix). The featured performer was Ilma de Murska (voice). Additional artists included Émile Sauret (violin) and Signor Mancusi (voice).


Review: Daily Alta California, 26, May 1875, 1.


Daily Alta California, 26, May 1875.

Ilma de Murska made her appearance again last evening, at a concert at Platt's Hall. She sang with her usual sweetness, and delighted the audience generally with her art. The repetition of the Shadow Dance was the feature of her portion of the programme, but she also gave two solos in an unexceptionable manner. Mons. Emile Sauret played two violin solos with great skill, being recalled upon the conclusion of each. Madame Carreno Sauret gave the "Last Rose of Summer" upon the piano, and "Rondo Capricioso." The latter is one of the most difficult things that she has yet attempted before us, and she acquitted herself with great credit. To-night the last but one of these delightful concerts will take place, when M'lle De Murska will give the mad scene from "Hamlet."


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