Documenting Teresa Carreño

Simpson Auditorium (February 8, 1910)


Carreño performed in an evening concert at the Simpson Auditorium in Los Angeles. She performed Piano Sonata op. 58 (Chopin, Fryderyk), Rondo op. 52, no. 2 (Beethoven, Ludwig van), "Vogel als Prophet" (Schumann, Robert), "Keltic" Sonata (MacDowell, Edward), "Sonetto del Petrarca," "Irrlichter," Polonaise in E major (Liszt, Franz), "and Erlkönig" (Schubert-Liszt).


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Announcement: Los Angeles Times, 6 February 1910.

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Kijas, Anna


Los Angeles Times, 9 February 1910.

Music And The Stage.

Teresa Carreno, always charming veteran of the keyboard, delighted and edified a large audience at Simpson Auditorium last night. Mme. Carreno and her work are well known to American concert audiences, and it may truthfully be said that few pianist in the world have upheld their performances on a scale of such general excellence, some, it is true, have proven superior in certain compositions and on certain occasions, but an audience at a Carreno recital may always be sure of an altogether superior programme in entirety, a field of art which, if without high peaks, is all in a high and without high peaks, is all in a high and uncommon air of genius.

Just such a programme was that given last night, as the closing number of Mr. Behymer's Philharmonic course. The pianist's renditions were heard in eager attention, and afforded a fine variety for the lay hearer and a diversified group of studies for the student.

Mme. Carreno's tone quality is a thing of great beauty. Light, pellucid and unvaryingly sure in control, her higher register is of extraordinary cultivation and use, while the other end of the keyboard, under her fingers, develops a corresponding mellowness and sonority.

Especially intelligent, and fraught with the thought and judicious reserve of years, is the interpretation of MacDowell's splendid Keltic sonata at her hands.

Two numbers which showed her diversity last night were the Schumann "Vogel als Prophet," a model of perfect lyric simplicity, and the Schubert-Liszt "Erlkonig," which combines the dramatic intensity of the original composition with all the theatric incandescence of Liszt's technique.

Her complete programme included the compositions named, and the Chopin Op. 58 Sonata, the Beethoven Rondo in G Major, and the Liszt "Sonetto del Petrarca," "Irrlichter," and Polonaise in E Major.

Mme. Carreno will be heard as soloist with the Symphony Orchestra on Friday afternoon.

Musical America, 19 March 1910.

Teresa Carreno, one of the foremost women pianists of the world, and a thorough-going American at that, will be heard in recital at Simpson Auditorium on Tuesday evening, and again as soloist with the Symphony on Friday afternoon.

Mme. Carreno's programme is not at hand, but it is known that it will include the famous "Keltic Sonata" of MacDowell, which Mme. Carreno plays splendidly. The details of this programme will be announced later.

Mme. Carreno will be the soloist at Friday's symphony concert, playing the Grieg concerto in A minor.

Los Angeles Times, 30 January 1910.

Music and Musicians. By Julian Johnson.

Three seems to be the magic number of the celebrated women visitors this year. Sembrich and Schumann-Heink and Mme. Teresa Carreno, who comes the second week in February, will have three appearances in all.

She will play at Simpson Tuesday evening, February 8, at the same place on the following Saturday afternoon [February 12], and on February 11 will appear as soloist with the Symphony Orchestra.

Carreno is a veteran pianist, one of the most celebrated living—and she is an America product both in birth and development—her earliest artistic triumphs having been achieved in this country.


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