Documenting Teresa Carreño

Choral Hall (August 26 and 28, 1907)


Carreño appeared at Choral Hall in Auckland, New Zealand. On August 26, 1907 she performed Etudes symphoniques (Schumann, Robert), Two Preludes, op. 28, nos. 21 and 22, Nocturne, op. 48, Scherzo, op. 31 (Chopin, Fryderyk), Concert-Stueck, op. 79, with orchestral accompaniment on second piano (Weber, Carl Maria von), Nocturne (Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich), Si oiseau j'etais a toi je volerais (Henselt, Adolf), and Polonaise E Major (Liszt, Franz). The concert began at 8 pm.

On August 28, 1907 she performed Sonata, op. 31, no. 3 (Beethoven, Ludwig van), Des Abends (Evening), Warum (Why?), Vogel als Prophet (Prophetic Birds), In der Nacht (Nicht) (Schumann, Robert), La campanella (Paganini, Niccolò (arr. Liszt)), Grand Concerto in E Minor, with orchestral accompaniment on second piano (Chopin, Fryderyk), Three Songs without Words (Mendelssohn, Felix), and Erlkönig (Schubert, Franz (arr. Liszt)). Benno Scherek provided orchestral accompaniment on a second piano. Carreño performed on a Bechstein piano. The concert began at 3 pm.


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Kijas, Anna


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