Documenting Teresa Carreño

Queen's Hall (March 8, 1900)


Carreño appeared at Queen's Hall in London, England. She performed Concerto, Pianoforte and Orchestra, in E-flat (“The Emperor”) (Beethoven, Ludwig van) conducted by Frederic H. Cowen. Additional artists included Esther Palliser (voice) and Andrew Black (voice). Tickets were priced as follows: Stalls in Area or Two Front Rows in Grand Circle: £ 0 10 6, Stalls in other rows in grand circle or front row in balcony: £ 0 7 6, Stalls in other rows in balcony: £ 0 5 0, unreserved seats: 2s 6d and 1s.


Review: Musical Standard, 17 March 1900, 159.



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