Documenting Teresa Carreño

Grunewald Hall (March 20, 1875)


Carreño appeared in a matinee concert at Grunewald Hall in New Orleans, Louisiana with the De Murska concert troupe. The concert featured Ilma de Murska (soprano) with Carreño, Émile Sauret (violin), Gaetano Braga (violincello), Professor Van Hufflen, and Charles E. Pratt (accompanist). Carreño's repertoire included an unidentified trio for piano, violin, and violincello (Mendelssohn, Felix) with Sauret and Braga, Fantasia on Themes from 'Faust,' op. 20 (Wieniawski, Henri) with Sauret, and Une revue à Prague Caprice de concert, op. 27 (Carreño, Teresa).

The concert began at 12 pm. Tickets for reserved seats cost $1 and $1.50. A Knabe piano was used.


Announcement: The New Orleans bulletin, 20 March 1875, 4.

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Kijas, Anna


The New Orleans bulletin, March 20, 1875: 4.

The Farewell to De Murska.

To-day, at noon, Grunewlad Hall will present a picture long to be remembered. That gifted and extraordinary cantatrice, Mlle. De Murska, will for the last time charm the ears of her hundreds of friends and warble, as she only can, her bird notes in this, her farewell to our city. That the elite of our city will be present we feel assured, for it is seldom such a musical event transpires here. She will leave behind her nothing but pleasant memories to those who have been fortunate enough to enjoy her artistic performances. The matinee will be made additionally attractive by the support afforded by Mons. Van Hufflen, Sauret and Signor Braga. The following is the Programme.

Part 1.

1. Trio Mendelssohn, Mme. Carreno Sauret, Mons. Sauret and Sig. Braga.
2. Stances A L'Eternite, Delsarte, Prof. Van Hufflen.
3. Grand Caprice, "Norma," Bellini, Braga, Sig. Gaetano Braga.
4. Mandolinata, Paladilhe, Mlle. Ilma De Murska.
5. "Reverie," Vieuxtemps, Mons. Emile Sauret.

Part II.

1. Fantaisie Brillant, "Sur Faust" Weiniawski [sic], Mme. Carreno Sauret and Mons. Sauret.
2. Rondo Finale, "Sonnambula," Bellini, Mlle. Ilma De Murska.
3. "Sie Ist Dein," Schumann, transcription by Braga, "Napolitanella," Braga, Sig. Gaetano Braga.
4. Grand Air, "Philtre," Auber, Prof. Van Hufflen.
5. Reverie A'Prague, "Caprice Polonaise," J. Carreno, Mme. Carreno Sauret.
6. Valse, "Oh! Che-Gioja," Mattei, Mlle. Ilma De Murska.


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