Documenting Teresa Carreño

Grunewald Hall (March 5, 1875)


Carreño appeared in the De Murska concert series managed by Diego De Vivo at Grunewald Hall in New Orleans, Louisiana. The series featured Ilma de Murska (soprano) with Carreño, Émile Sauret (violin), Gaetano Braga (violincello), Pietro Ferranti (buffo), and Charles E. Pratt (accompanist).

Carreño performed Nocturne op. 32, no. 2 (Chopin, Fryderyk) and an unidentified trio for piano, violin and violoncello (Mendelssohn, Felix) with Sauret (violin) and Braga (violincello).

The concert began at 8 pm. A Knabe piano was used. Tickets for reserved seats were priced at $1.50 and $2. General admission was priced at $1.


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: New Orleans Republican, 5 March 1875, 1.

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Kijas, Anna


The New-Orleans Times, March 6, 1875: 4.

De Murska's Concert.

Grunewald Hall was filled with the elite of the city last evening, the occasion being the first appearance in concert of Mlle. De Murska, who created such a profound sensation the earlier part of the week as "Lucie," and whose triumphs in this opera are still fresh in our minds.

This lady is accompanied in her present concert tour by the following vocalists and instrumentalists: Signor Ferranti, buffo; Mr. Sauret, violinist, Signor Braga, violoncellist, and Mme. Carreno, pianist. The programme offered embraced many musical gems, among which we may mention as being especially well executed, the variations by Proch, sung by Mlle. de Murska; violoncello solo, "Souvenir Caprice," composed and executed by Signor Braga; piano solo, Nocturne in A flat, Chopin, played by Mme. Carreno; violin solo, ballade and poloniase for violin, brilliantly performed by Mr. Sauret, and a buffo aria, sung by Signor Ferranti.

These artists were frequently encored, and gracefully responded. The performance closed at a late hour, and was in every respect worthy of high encomium. The second concert will be given to-night, when new selections will be offered.


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