Documenting Teresa Carreño

Exposition Hall (December 27, 1872)


Carreño performed a farewell concert in the Strakosch concert series at Exposition Hall in New Orleans, Louisiana. Due to the cold weather and a snow storm (the heaviest in 20 years), the concert was not attended as well as that of the previous week. The featured artist of the Strakosch series was Carlotta Patti (soprano) with Teresa Carreño (piano), Annie Louise Cary (contralto), Émile Sauret (violin), Evasio Scolara (voice), Giovanni Matteo Mario (voice), and Signor Marzo (director).

The concert began at 8 pm. A Weber piano was used.


Announcement: The Daily Picayune, 23 December 1872, 8.

: New Orleans Republican, 24 December 1892, 1. 

Review: New Orleans Republican, 28 December 1872, 1.


Kijas, Anna


New Orleans Republican, December 28, 1872: 1.

The Strakosch Concert.

The farewell Strakosch concert last night at Exposition Hall was not attended by an audience so large as last week, owing to the uncomfortably cold weather. Though the hall was cold, the audience was warm and enthusiastic in their admiration of the singing of Patti, Cary and Mario, and the piano playing of Mlle. Carreno.

The Strakosch concerts have been a remarkable success here, and the musical souls of our people were satisfied for the time by attending them. The people of Mobile will have the pleasure of listening to a Patti Mario concert to-night.

We infer from the subjoined paragraph from the Houston  Union that no concert was given in that city:

Houston saves about $3000, minus the company's expenses here, which could not have been over $300, by the failure of the Strakosch troupe to warble for us. We intended to give the troupe a $3000 house, or at least one that would not have fallen below $2700. But we have heard no grumbling about the omission of the company to keep their appointment.


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