Documenting Teresa Carreño

Saal der Singakademie (February 13, 1890)


Carreño gave her third piano concert with the Berlin Philharmonic under conductor Gustav F. Kogel. She performed Piano Concerto, E minor (Chopin, Fryderyk), Andante Favori (Beethoven, Ludwig van), Canzonetta (Godard, Benjamin), Vogel als Prophet, Toccata (Schumann, Robert), Piano Concerto no. 1 in A minor (MacDowell, Edward). The concert began at 7:30 pm. She performed on a Bechstein piano. Ticket prices were 5, 3, and 2 Marks.


Review: The Musical Standard, 1 March 1890, 201.

Neue Berliner Musikzeitung 44, no. 6, 6 March 1890, 52.

Concert Program
: Music Division; Edward and Marian MacDowell Collection, 1861-1960, ML31. M198; Box 35. Library of Congress.


Kijas, Anna


The Musical Standard, March 1, 1890.

Madame Teresa Carreno gave her third concert at the Berlin Singakademie with even increased success on February the 13th. Her rendering of Chopin's Pianoforte Concerto in E minor is said to have been excellent. She was also most successful in an Andante Favorè in F, by Beethoven, and "Der Vogel als Prophet" and Toccata by Schumann.

Neue Berliner Musikzeitung 44, no. 6, March 6, 1890.

Teresa Carreno wird am 13. Februar in der Singakademie ihr letztes Concert in dieser Saison unter Mitwirkung von Frau Amy Sherwin veranstalten. Die Künstlerin spielt Chopins E-moll-Concert und ein neues Klavierconcert von Max Dowell [sic].





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