Documenting Teresa Carreño

St. James's Hall (July 22, 1867)


Carreño gave a matinee at St. James's Hall. She performed Miserere du Trovatore, op. 52 (Gottschalk, Louis Moreau), Piano Sonata no. 14 op. 27 no. 2 (Beethoven, Ludwig van), Ballade no. 3 op. 47 (Chopin, Fryderyk), Rêverie "A une Fleur" (Fumagalli, Adolfo), Grande Etude-Galop op. 21 (Quidant, Alfred), and her own Reminiscences de Norma. Several artists also appeared on this program, including vocalists: Mdlle. Blanche Gottschalk, Madame Demeric-Lablache, Mdlle. Mela, and Signor Franceschi, as well as Mdlle. Bertha Brousil, violinist.


Review: The Musical World, 10 August 1867, 547.


Kijas, Anna


The Musical World, August 10, 1867.

Mdlle. Teresa Carreno, "the celebrated Vénézuélan pianist," as she styles herself—and who knows so well?—gave a matinée in the minor hall, St. James's Hall, on Monday, July 22nd, which was loftily patronized, proving that Vénézuélan art is within the immediate acquaintance of a certain section of our artistocracy, who think proper to lend it to the lustre of their names, if not altogether to sanction it by their presence. The list of grand patronesses who commend Mdlle. Carreno to public consideration of course know all about that lady's talents and qualifications. Independent of the countenance of noble and honourable ladies, however, Mdlle. Carreno may be praised as a very good pianoforte player, who is a mistress of several styles, and distinguishes herself in all. She played Beethoven's Sonata in C sharp minor, op. 27; Chopin's Ballade in A flat; Gottschalk's solo on the "Miserere" from the Trovatore; Fumigalli's rêverie "A une Fluer;" Quidant's "Grand Galop de Concert;" and a fantasia of her own composition on Norma. Mdlle. Carreno has a powerful finger and much brilliancy of style, and is altogether what may be called a "taking player." She evidently pleased her audience, who applauded her with liberality. Mdlle. Carreno was assisted in the vocal department by Mdlle. Blanche Gottschalk, Madame Demeric-Lablache, Mdlle. Mela, and Signor Franceschi; and, in the instrumental, by Mdlle Bertha Brousil, violinist. The conductors were Mr. Benedict, Signors Li Calsi and Campana.—B.B.



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