Documenting Teresa Carreño

Niblo's Saloon (February 23, 1865)


This was the second Camilla Urso concert in which Carreño performed. Additional performers on the program included Madame Varian, prima donna; Coradi Colliere, baritone; Signor Fellini, baritone; and Edward Hoffman, pianist and composer. At this concert, Carreño performed an unidentified Chopin nocturne.
Regular tickets cost $1.00 or $1.50 for reserved seats.


AdvertisementNew York Daily Tribune, 21 February 1865, 2.

Review: New York Daily Tribune, 24 February 1865, 5.


Kijas, Anna


New York Daily Tribune, February 21, 1865.

Niblo's Saloon—Camilla Urso. The public are respectfully informed that Camilla Urso, the unrivaled lady violinist, will give her Second Grand Concert on the evening of Thursday, Feb. 23. The following attractions will appear: Mme. Varian, the charming prima donna. Teresa Carreno, the wonderful child pianist. Mons. Coradi Colliere, first Barytone of the Opera Comique, Paris. Signor Fellini, baritone from the Grand Theater of Genoa. Edw. Hoffman, the well known pianist and composer. Tickets, $1. Reserved Seats 50 cents extra. Ticket offices, for the sale of Reserved Seats, at Beer & Schirmer's No. 701 Broadway; Scharfenberg & Luis, No. 758 Broadway, and Hall & Son, No. 543 Broadway, are now open.


New York Daily Tribune, February 24, 1865.

Camilla Urso’s Concert. 

The second concert of this talented young violinist was given last night at Niblo’s Saloon, before a fair audience, large, considering the weather. She played selections from Vieuxtemps and Allard in that style of delicate perfection which has been so fully recognized and appreciated by the best audiences of the city. The Fantasie Caprice is certainly one of her most successful interpretation, for in it all the beauties of her style and the depth of her sentiment are most fully developed, and she approaches nearer to a largeness of manner than in any other piece in her repertoire.

Madame Varian has a sweet, clear and effective voice, and sang a quaint little ballad in a piquant and charming manner. Mademoiselle Teresa Carreno played a Nocturne by Chopin with much grace and finish. The new singer, Mr. Coradi Colliere, has more humor than voice and more gesticulation than style. He would probably be effective on the stage, but in the concert room he is far from successful.

Madame Urso’s third and last concert takes place at Niblo’s Saloon on Monday evening next, Feb. 27.


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