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Grand Gala Matinee and Juvenile Festival at the Boston Music Hall. According to the advertisement, Carreño invited and presented tickets to 1200 children. Concert began at 3 pm. Cost of tickets was $0.50.

Carreño performed in three of the Gilmore Grand Concerts in Boston with Mme. Anna Bishop. This included two concerts on Saturday: a Grand Matinee Musicale in the afternoon with Mme. Anna Bishop (3 pm) and an evening concert (7:30 pm). These were…

Carreño gave a gala matinee concert for the children of Boston at the request of the mayor, F. W. Lincoln, Jr. She performed Nuits d'Espagne, op. 40, E minor (Godefroid, Félix), Last Hope (Gottschalk, Louis M.), Variations on "Home! Sweet…

Carreño gave a matinee concert in Boston to representatives of the press and invited guests.

Carreño performed a morning concert at 12 pm for families, schools, and children. Assisting artists included: Mrs. Jenny Kempton, Mr. William Castle, Mr. Theodore Thomas, and Signor Abella. Cost of tickets was $.50, half price for children.

Carreño gave a matinee concert at the New Assembly Rooms in Baltimore, Maryland.

Carreño gave a matinee concert at the New Assembly Rooms. Regular tickets cost $0.50, children's tickets cost $0.25.

Carreño gave a matinee at St. James's Hall. She performed Miserere du Trovatore, op. 52 (Gottschalk, Louis Moreau), Piano Sonata no. 14 op. 27 no. 2 (Beethoven, Ludwig van), Ballade no. 3 op. 47 (Chopin, Fryderyk), Rêverie "A une Fleur" (Fumagalli,…

Carreño performed a Matinee Musicale at 3 pm in St. James's Hall. Ticket prices: stalls, 21s; unreserved seats, 10s, 6d.
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